Tahitian pearls bracelet

The Tahitian pearl bracelet is a fashion accessory that asserts your style! It is also a unique piece of jewelry, handmade in our workshop with expertise. Then discover our range of bespoke pearl bracelets that will appeal to men, women and children. Our Tahitian pearl bracelets are made with quality materials such as kangaroo leather or nylon thread. Each bracelet is set with, among other things, one or more cultured pearls and semi-precious stones… You haven’t found what you’re looking for? So contact us to create the jewel that suits you!

Tahitian pearls bracelets to enhance your wrist

A Tahitian pearl bracelet for a unique style!

Far, very far even from trinkets for tourists, the Tahitian pearl bracelets that we present to you embody the quintessence of a quality jewel. A jewel which, in any case, only benefits from being more qualitative by being thus adorned with resplendent Tahitian pearls. The models presented on our shop attest on the one hand to the quality of the products, but also to their aesthetic versatility, not to mention their originality. Indeed, the jewelry created by Kalinas Perles cannot be designed anywhere other than in our shops in Saint-Tropez and Saint-Barthélemy.

This is also the challenge of a quality goldsmith to ensure that his jewels are unique. And this, although originality is not enough on its own. Because, in addition to being unique, the Tahitian pearl creations of Kalinas Perles are among the most delightful. Once your Tahitian pearl bracelet is on your wrist, it will not be just a simple ornament that will beautifully highlight your hand. No. It will be a concentrate of French Polynesia that will accompany you on a daily basis. Thanks to a mixture of exoticism and elegance, your bracelet fitted with Tahitian pearls will give the impression that an eternal island sun accompanies you at all times.

Our Tahitian pearl bracelets come in all their facets. Two pearls are never alike in the goldsmith compositions presented to you and each jewel, thus arranged, comes in a myriad of Tahitian pearls. It is up to you to determine the right number to match you. The exoticism of Tahitian pearls will obviously match the handcrafted straps of a leather bracelet which, too, can only evoke the fantasy and spiciness of what Polynesia has best to offer you.

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