Shell bracelet

Looking for exoticism and a bohemian look? Adopt without delay for a unique bracelet! With a bracelet set with a shell, you will have a certain elegance and a truly unique look that immediately refers to holidays and a bohemian lifestyle. The designs we offer are totally handmade and if you like very sophisticated cultured pearl bracelets, we offer all types of different designs. Associated with pearls, the shells are even more highlighted. Finally, note that you can wear a bracelet made of shells with any outfit without affecting the look in general.

An original shell bracelets collection!

The exoticism of the islands with our shells bracelets

Relying on the shell bracelets from Kalinas Perles collection is also and above all looking for a concentrate of exoticism to perfect your casual style. Among the vast collection of natural pearl bracelets that Kalinas Perles knows, you can also find the bracelet that you love so much with shells. A shell bracelet, aims to give maritime nature an unsuspected dimension while Kalinas Perles associates it with a work of goldsmith.

You can expect your new bracelet set with authentic seashells to live up to all your expectations. The shells that will appear at the end of your wrist, connected to a kangaroo leather strap, will have been scrupulously chosen to match as best as possible a jewel of excellence. This unique jewel will have the vocation to garnish you with a tint of island and sunny exoticism to better highlight you. The shells composing your bracelet can be matched with a pearl to better embellish the diversity of the jewels. So let’s you be charmed by theses shell bracelets !

As you will have understood, as unique pieces, the gems vary in size depending on the model chosen, while knowing how to be colorful and discreet. By wearing one of our sumptuous seashell bracelets, then you will be choosing excellence while giving yourself a semblance of whimsy. Without ever seeming too eccentric, you will however know how to stand out thanks to the original confections of Kalinas Perles. Indeed, your bracelet equipped with shells, can’t leave indifferent and can only lead you to distinguish yourself thanks to a jewel that could not be more qualitative.

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