Women’s bracelet

Discover our creations of Women’s bracelet made with kangaroo leather or nylon thread. Our bracelets are accompanied by authentic cultured pearls but not only! There is something for every taste. Indeed, we offer a wide choice of women’s bracelets with Tahitian, Australian or freshwater pearls… Each of these pearls has their own colors. For example, a Tahitian pearl is black while the Australian pearl can be golden or white. Our leather bracelets for women can be braided, rolled by hand but also in flat leather. Here you will find all of our handcrafted pearl bracelets for women. These bracelets can be accompanied by stones, shells, mother-of-pearl but also nuggets of turquoise or even agates.

Unique cultured pearl bracelets for women!

Women’s bracelet : a trendy fashion accessory!

Do you want to adorn yourself with a unique jewel? Then you are going to the right place. Because a pearl bracelet for women made by the Kalinas Perles workshop is both the choice of originality, quality but also variety among what will be offered to you. Indeed, there is not a standard model of bracelet for women but a myriad of confections all adapted to the tastes of each one. The craft practiced by Kalinas Perles is dispensed in various ways to be the most pleasant to your skin and eyes.

Because the women’s bracelet that you will find among the wide selection presented to you will be chosen after a long reflection. There are indeed so many women’s wrist jewelry that you won’t know which one to choose first. But why choose after all? As different as they are from each other, each bracelet for women harmonizes with the others; so you can wear several, whether on one or even both wrists. The women’s bracelet that will be yours will correspond to an island elegance that will make you more radiant than ever.

There is a certain freshness to wearing a women’s bracelet with natural gemstones because of its authenticity. Far from all the artificial and flashy jewellery, each women’s bracelet offered by Kalinas Perles reveals its natural beauty. The pearls of each women’s bracelet are legion and there is no doubt that everyone will find their favorites. All that remains is to wear them on your wrist with the natural elegance that suits you.

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