Australian pearls Bracelet

The elegance of the South Sea pearl by its shapes and colors make Australian pearls Bracelet exceptional and refined jewellery. Kalinas Perles offers here, very high quality kangaroo leather or nylon thread bracelets. Indeed, this cord is only used in jewelry. All our creations are made by hand. They are composed of cultured pearls of different shapes such as circled, baroque, round pearls but also of different colors. Australian pearls come in white, gold and pink colors. A very pretty color palette that goes very well with each other but also with black Tahitian pearls. Our Australian pearl bracelets can be adjustable or have a leather clasp with a pearl.

A sumptuous collection of Australian pearl bracelets

Opt for the natural charm of Australian pearls bracelets

A very popular clothing accessory, the bracelet has not yet finished revealing all its secrets of beauty and seduction. Among these quality ornaments, we find pearl bracelets. Indeed, a bracelet with Australian pearls is a jewel that will perfect your style whatever your gender. Thus, it can add that little missing touch to your outfit while giving you happiness. Apart from these unique pearls, our bracelets are assembled with genuine Kangaroo leather rolled or braided by hand in our shops in Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Tropez.

Easy to put on, they adapt to all your outing occasions. Their unique character makes these jewels truly exceptional fashion accessories. They will be even more luxurious if you choose the one that will make you unique. Australian pearls are among the most radiant and precious pearls in the world with a crazy charm. Indeed, we carefully select for you the most beautiful South Sea pearls to create unique jewelry that will sublimate your wrist while highlighting your personality.

As you will have understood, an Australian pearl bracelet highlights your style and at the same time reveals your personality. Are you looking for a jewel of extraordinary and inimitable finesse? Then you have to opt for Australian pearls bracelet! With their mysterious pearls, it will be easy to let yourself be hypnotized by their natural charm. With such a bracelet on your wrist, it is certain that you will be a person with a distinct style. If you also want to have a bespoke Australian pearl bracelet made, contact our workshop who will be happy to make it for you.

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