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Kalinas Perles offers you a whole range of adjustable bracelet in nylon thread reserved for jewelery or in kangaroo leather. Jewelry that is both modern and refined. These bracelets are set with black, white or gold Tahitian, Keishi or Australian pearls in different shapes. Here you will find authentic cultured pearl bracelets for all budgets and for all styles. A wide choice of jewelry is available to you, they will adapt perfectly to your wrist thanks to sliding knots. Jewelry for men, women and children made on the island of Saint-Barthélemy in our workshop.

Discover the fine collection of pearl bracelets from Kalinas Pearls

An adjustable pearl bracelet to show you off!

If of course, in the choice of your new jewel the criterion of beauty is essential, you should not however skimp on the functional aspect of the jewel. Indeed, as could be the case with any garment, a piece of jewelry, in order for you to really like it, is not only to be pleasing to the eye, but also comfortable when you wear it. In this sense, a bracelet if it wants to be sure to suit you, must above all be adjustable to your wrist.

The pearl bracelets that you will get at Kalinas Perles, in addition to sublimating you when you wear it, will have the badge deserves to be more comfortable and easy to wear. This comfort, you can modulate it according to your desires and according to your needs. Whether it is with a resistant nylon thread or kangaroo leather, you can easily change the size of your new bracelet.

If you feel like giving someone a gift and don’t know their wrist size, don’t risk ruining the surprise. The adjustable bracelet will then be the right way to offer the right present. You can even lend your bracelet if you feel like it since it, then, fits all sizes. Available in a myriad of patterns, with gems each more magnificent than the next, your new cultured pearl bracelet is waiting for you to perfectly fit the shape of your wrist and stand out in the eyes of your contemporaries.

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