Keishi pearls bracelet

If you like bracelets set with freshwater pearls, having a Keishi pearl bracelet would definitely make you happy. Kalinas Perles as a designer offers you his latest collection. We can even make your bespoke pearl jewelry so that you can perfectly find what you are looking for. In addition, the bracelets that we make available to you can be worn both for everyday life and for important events. Indeed, our shop wishes above all to offer you Keishi pearl bracelets that are both casual, but also in a high-end style. So, those who opt for a real cultured pearl bracelet opt for an elegant and unique piece of jewelry!

Our latest creations of Keishi pearl bracelets

A Keishi pearl bracelet: synonymous with exoticism!

Its name reveals its manifest exoticism. Keishi pearl bracelets are among the many pieces of jewelry from Kalinas Perles to be adorned with a very special, if not unique, family of pearls. Because indeed, because of the natural composition of its pearls, they know how to distinguish themselves from other industrial bracelets whose pearls are more conventional. A Keishi bracelet from the Kalinas Perles collection, as its name suggests, is intended to be a bracelet whose ornaments consist of Keishi pearls mounted on a handcrafted leather strap.

A Keishi pearl is not only different because of its color or its brilliance, but thanks to the way in which it has been highlighted. The pearls that you will find on all our creations are all natural and authentic. From oysters which, from a simple deposit, shape a pearl around this core, Keishi pearls are different in the sense that their genesis does not obey the same rules. And this, for our happiness as a custom-made jewelry designer!

They also come from oysters, but they have not been sedimented around a nucleus, giving them a most original appearance. Also, a Keishi bracelet will allow you to wear one or more original pearls on your wrist. Pearls with a dazzling brilliance that you will enjoy watching the sparkle. Especially since the beads of a Keishi bracelet will all be designed from different and original shapes. And this originality, you will then wear it proudly at the end of your wrist.

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