Bracelet 3 Colors pearls (9,5mm)


This bracelet consists of 3 peals of different colors includes two pearls of Australia (golden and white) and a pearl of Tahiti (black). These 3 cultured pearls are 9.5mm each. This hand-rolled kangaroo leather bracelet features a clasp with a white pearl from Australia. This fourth pearl measures 8.5mm.

At Kalinas Perles, we make every effort to satisfy your desires but also that you have a tailor-made jewel. That’s why you can choose your bracelet size, it can measure from 10 to 22 cm. This beaded women’s bracelet will fulfill all your expectations and sublimate your outfits and your style.

Pearls size: 3 of 9,5mm & 1 of 8,5mm
Bracelet size: Please specify when ordering.
Pearl category: BC (quality) – RD/SR (Rounds/semi rounds)



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