Bracelet 2 rows 3 multicolored pearls (9mm)


This cultured pearl bracelet is composed of 3 semi-round pearls of different colors including black pearl of Tahiti and 2 pearls of Australia, one white and the other golden. These 3 multicolored pearls are mounted on kangaroo leather rolled by hand. Each of these beads have a size of 9mm.

Our multicolored 3-row beaded bracelet features an elegant leather clasp and 8.5mm Tahitian pearl. Our Tahiti and Australian pearls bracelets are handcrafted in our workshop in St-Barthélemy. So you can tell us the size of bracelet that you want to make you a tailor-made jewel! Its size can vary from 10 to 22cm.

Pearls size: 3 of 9mm & 1 of 8,5mm
Pearl category: BC (quality) – RD/SR (Rounds/Semi-rounds)



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