Discover our unique model! This leather semi-precious stone ring, customizable to your preferences, is a true statement of your identity. It allows you to choose from an exquisite selection of stones: captivatingly iridescent labradorite, deep blue lapis lazuli, aquamarine evoking the tranquility of the oceans, or rose quartz, a symbol of love and tenderness. In addition to selecting your favorite stone, you can personalize the size of the ring and the color of the leather lace that surrounds it.

Each semi-precious stone is carefully drilled to insert a highly durable, jewelry-quality thread. This elegant, both strong and discreet thread, assembles and secures the stone in place on the leather lace. Let yourself be enchanted by the unique beauty of this leather natural stone ring. It combines the natural splendor of minerals with a sleek and modern design, creating a piece of jewelry that will enhance your personal style with elegance and distinction. Express yourself and bring out your individuality with this exceptional piece.

Taille de la pierre  : 8mm de diamètre
Catégorie de la pierre : Ronde