Explore the essence of elegance with our innovative leather ring, embellished with a 10mm diameter semi-precious stone. This fully customizable creation celebrates your uniqueness. Choose from our exquisite selection of stones: labradorite with its captivating interplay of light, deep blue lapis lazuli reminiscent of ocean depths, aquamarine evoking the serenity of distant waters, or rose quartz, a symbol of gentleness and affection. Personalize your piece by selecting the stone that speaks to you, the size that fits your finger, and the hue of the leather lace that adorns it.

Each semi-precious gem, notably 10mm in diameter, is meticulously drilled to accommodate a robust and elegant jewelry-quality thread. This thread, both stylish and durable, binds the precious stone to the leather strap, ensuring a perfect fit.

Taille de la pierre  : 10mm de diamètre
Catégorie de la pierre : Ronde