Hoop earrings in gold and Larimar pearl


Are you looking for the jewel that will sublimate your face? Earrings are made for that. Well worn, they will refine your features and make your face shine. But when you have a pair as special as our gold hoop earrings, it’s a whole other story.

In fact, this pair of Larimar gold and pearl hoop earrings is ultra stylish and will go perfectly with all your outfits. It is a model that will be worn every day to adorn a casual outfit or to complete a more classic, even sophisticated style. Made in our workshop by expert craftsmen, our hoop earrings are true masterpieces.

Timeless, this exquisite pair of gold and pearl hoop earrings from Larimar will make your intrinsic charm shine brightly. As you must know, it often takes very little to look better than usual. And this remarkable hoop earrings is just the detail that will turn the envious eyes of your colleagues and friends on you.

No more hesitation! Order now and bring more sparkle to your look.

Bead size: 2 of 8mm
Diameter of the Hoops: 33mm



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