Earrings with 2 semi-round Tahiti Pearls and Leather


Quality and originality is what best sums up these earrings. Its quality is noticed by the purity of the stones, their appearance and semi-round shape, their naturally bright color as well as their resistance to time and wear. Unique in its kind, this pair is also made of kangaroo leather, extremely robust while remaining classy. Finally, its 14 carat gold hook makes it a luxurious earring, which can be worn for any occasion.

Tahitian pearl earrings

Tahitian cultured pearls are magnificent jewels of a mysterious and picturesque land. Their exotic colors have captured the imagination of consumers since their appearance on the market in the 1970s. Each Tahitian pearl is unique. A breathtakingly dark, sensual and natural color palette makes these rare pearls prized the world over. By opting for this pair of earrings with Tahitian pearls, you offer yourself a unique and rare piece.

To wear for any occasion

The simple but attractive shape of this earring makes it your everyday ally. Without being extravagant or invisible, this pair adapts to any look, from evenings to office parties or for any outing. The semi-round shape of the pearls also adapts to all heads. Whether you have a bun or loose hair, this curl will bring out your beauty.

Bead size: 11mm
Loop size: 3cm
Pearl category: B (quality) – SR (semi-round)



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