Pendant Necklaces

Our models of necklaces pendants can satisfy the most demanding. Jewelry both casual and chic, one of them will make your happiness by bringing your glamorous look and originality. You can choose between pearl pendants from Australia or Tahiti, in semi-precious stone. A pearl necklace from this collection will be able to accompany you in the evening as on any other occasion to decorate any outfit and any style. Do not wait and treat yourself to the pleasure of being in the center of attention.

Pendant Necklaces : necklaces set with pearls by Kalinas

Enhance yourself with our cultured pearl pendant necklaces!

Do you love wearing jewelry? Do you want to find the ideal necklace to perfect your style? In this case, Kalinas Perles is the address to choose. Indeed, at Kalinas Perles, we offer a large collection of beaded jewelry including pendant necklaces that you will not be able to resist. With us, you can choose from high-end pearl necklace models to stay chic and elegant at all times. Trust Kalinas Perles for the choice of your pearl jewelry, because we are the online store for you.

Our first objective is to create original and handmade pieces with authentic natural pearls from Tahiti, Australia and elsewhere. With us, you have a wide range of bespoke pearl necklaces that will allow you to reaffirm your style and your originality. For your pendant necklaces, Kalinas Perles has thought of a bold and refined collection with a wide variety of pearls to satisfy even the most demanding of you. Thanks to our necklaces, you can have a chic and casual look wherever you are. With Kalinas Perles, you can also enjoy subtle and customizable items as you wish.

Find your next cultured pearl Necklaces !

Cultured Pearl necklace : Our Gold/Silver Necklaces

Gold / Silver

Adjustable cultured pearl necklaces - Kalinas Pearls


Braided leather Necklace - Kalinas Pearls

Braided leather Necklace

Cultured pearl Necklaces for women - Kalinas Pearls


Cultured pearl Necklaces for men - Kalinas Pearls


Cultured Pearl Necklaces : Grape necklaces


Multicolor Necklaces - Kalinas Pearls


Cultured Australian Pearl Necklaces - Kalinas Pearls

Australian Pearls

Freshwater Pearl Necklaces - Kalinas Pearls

Freshwater Pearls

Cultured Tahitian Pearl Necklaces - Kalinas Pearls

Tahitian Pearls

Pirate coin Necklace - Kalinas Pearls

Pirate coin

Natural stone Necklaces - Kalinas Pearls


Chocker cultured pearl Necklaces - Kalinas Pearls


Long cultured pearl Necklaces - Kalinas Pearls



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