Long Necklaces

Our collection of cultured pearl necklaces are real fashion accessories par excellence! These necklaces are ideal for fashion followers with a chic and refined style. Creations to discover imperatively if you are looking for jewelry that will sublimate you. As you will have understood, Kalinas Perles offers you a wide range of unique pearl necklaces available for all women who love elegance. Mounted on Kangaroo leather, our handmade necklaces are made of a very varied number of Tahitian or Australian pearls. The most daring will certainly choose the 70 Australian pearl necklace. The most refined would be tempted by the 3 Tahitian pearl sautoir necklace. Do you want to personalize your jewelry more? So, do not hesitate and contact us!

Unique long necklaces with natural pearl!

Let yourself be charmed by our long necklaces!

Our long necklaces are necklaces for women in pearls which are worn lengthwise or rolled up and which have the advantage of satisfying all tastes. If you are looking for unique and original jewelry, long necklaces are what you need, because they are real fashion items that will bring originality to your style. At Kalinas Perles, you can discover unique necklaces made with authentic pearls from Tahiti, Australia and much more. If you are looking for authentic and handmade pearl jewelry, Kalinas Perles is simply the reference in the field. Indeed, with us, you can discover a wide range of high-end pearl necklaces and long necklaces available at any time.

Moreover, as a little extra, you have the possibility of personalizing your choice of article in order to make it more original. Our pearl necklaces are made with a very varied number of authentic Tahitian and Australian pearls. If you are the daring type, opt for example for our long necklace of 70 Australian pearls or for our necklace of 68 Tahitian pearls. On the other hand, if you prefer subtlety, we have a collection of long necklaces that are much less imposing, but just as elegant. In any case, with Kalinas Perles, you make the choice of authentic jewels and witnesses of a unique know-how.

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Cultured Pearl necklace : Our Gold/Silver Necklaces

Gold / Silver

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Braided leather Necklace

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Tahitian Pearls

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Pirate coin

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Long cultured pearl Necklaces - Kalinas Pearls



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