Silver Earrings

These silver earrings go perfectly with any style. Very design, with their varied and multicolored shapes. Let yourself be tempted by these little marvels made entirely by hand in our workshop. A range of authentic and high quality pearl earrings  are available to you. Our earrings have been made with pearls of rare and extremely precious qualities. We have selected just for you, high standing and superior quality items. Customizable according to your taste, do not hesitate to let us know your needs. All our earrings are designed in our workshops in Saint Barthelemy and Saint Tropez!

we offer you another collection of pearl earrings

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Keishi Earrings: A Cultured Pearl Earrings by Kalinas Pearls

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Multicolor Earrings - Kalinas Pearls


Post Earrings : A Cultured Pearl Earrings by Kalinas Pearls

Post Earrings


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