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Find here our creations of unique rings composed of two pearls or a pearl and a gemstone. Indeed, our rings “You & Me” are either double pearl rings. These are adorned with two cultured pearls from Tahiti and / or Australia on hand-rolled kangaroo leather in our workshop. Either adjustable gold rings set with a cultured pearl as well as a diamond or sapphire. Beautiful cultured pearl rings for women that will enhance your fingers with style and elegance. So, let yourself be seduced by our ring “You & Me”, chic and trendy!

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Cultured Pearl Earrings : Tahitian Pearl Earrings

Tahitian Pearls

Australian Pearl Earrings - Kalinas Pearls

Australian Pearls

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Freshwater Pearls

Keishi Earrings: A Cultured Pearl Earrings by Kalinas Pearls

Keishi Earrings

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Gold Earrings

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Multicolor Earrings - Kalinas Pearls



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