Earrings with 2 Tahitian drop pearls and leather


Dress up your ears with unique, quality and beautiful earrings by opting for this pair. Made of Tahitian drop pearls, kangaroo leather and 14k gold, this pair of earrings is the perfect gift for your loved one or yourself. Ideal for everyday and special occasions, this pair also enhances anyone who wears it.

Tahitian drop pearls

Of rare beauty, Tahitian drop earrings are very popular and in demand around the world because of their unique shape in addition to their color. Naturally in drop form, each bead has its own cut and one of a kind. Its intense color makes it a luxury product that sublimates all those who wear it. All its characteristics make this pair of earrings a collector’s item, of prestige and of quality.

Impeccable quality

What makes this pair unique is its quality. This robust and resistant pair is easily stored, while gaining in value. Pearls indeed become brighter over time. Topped with kangaroo leather, this pair is as resistant to the vagaries of time as it is to water or air. Finally, its 14 carat gold hook is of course resistant to oxidation, but above all makes it lighter to wear.

Bead size: 11mm
Loop size: 3cm
Pearl category: B (quality) – CR (circled)



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