Discover a gem from our collection: the leather bracelet, customizable to your desires, adorned with pearls and aquamarine stones. This timeless classic from our brand offers a unique elegance and style. You have the choice of several types of pearls to personalize your bracelet: freshwater white pearls, radiating purity, golden pearls from Australia, symbols of luxury and sophistication, or Tahitian pearls, available in light or dark shades, evoking the mysteries of distant oceans. These pearls are carefully selected for their quality and beauty, ensuring each bracelet a luxurious look and feel.

Added to this is the serene glow of aquamarine stones, known for their sea-blue color. These stones are not only beautiful to look at but are also renowned for their soothing and inspiring properties. The bracelet itself is made from high-quality leather, available in three classic colors: black, brown, and beige. The leather is chosen for its durability and comfort, ensuring that your bracelet can be worn every day while retaining its elegant appearance.

Also customize the size of the bracelet for a perfect fit. Whether it’s for a casual look or a special occasion, this bracelet adapts to all styles and occasions. This leather bracelet with natural stones and cultured pearls is more than just an accessory; it’s an expression of your refined taste and sense of style. It represents the perfect balance between nature and craftsmanship, making each piece a unique treasure to add to your collection.

Pearl size: 10 of 11mm
Pearl category: BC (qualité) – SR/OV (Semi Ronde / Ovale)