Braided Necklace with pirate coin


Do you want an extraordinary piece of jewelry? Our braided pirate coin necklace is made of a genuine piece of 8 real coin, the currency of the Spanish conquistadors! Make a splash with this stunning coin, minted in Mexico between 1550 and 1750 in solid silver and mounted on our hand-rolled kangaroo leather. Closed by a delicate semi-baroque pearl from Tahiti, this atypical necklace reveals a remarkable combination of modernity, raw natural beauty and authenticity.

Braided with simplicity and elegance, this remarkable leather necklace for men, made up of a pirate coin weighing more than 30g of solid silver, is suitable for both men and women who appreciate rare ornaments full of history. Do you want this custom-made jewel? We take care of it ! Tell us the size of the necklace you want when ordering.

Size of the piece and beads: 35mm diameter & 9.5mm bead
Pearl category: C (quality) – BQ (baroque)



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