Dive into the world of fine jewelry at an affordable price with our 925 sterling silver chain, embellished with a pearl of your choice. This piece is the perfect blend of elegance and affordability, designed to captivate and charm on all occasions, both day and night.

You have the privilege of customizing your chain necklace with a selection of refined pearls: choose the purity of freshwater white pearls, the radiant luxury of golden pearls from Australia, or the captivating mystery of Tahitian pearls, available in both light and dark shades. Each pearl is selected for its exceptional quality, then carefully drilled and polished to ensure it does not compromise the delicacy of the chain.

The 925 Silver Chain Necklace, known for its lasting shine and durability, is available in two lengths to suit all styles and preferences: a 40 cm version, ideal for a choker effect, and a 44 cm version, perfectly adjusted for those who prefer a slightly looser fit.

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of sophistication to your daytime outfit or shine at night events, this 925 sterling silver chain with your chosen pearl is a promise of discreet elegance. It harmoniously adapts to all wardrobes, adding a note of effortless refinement. Embody luxury and finesse at every moment with this unique piece of jewelry.

Catégorie de la perle : B (qualité) – SR / OV (Semi Ronde / Ovale)
Taille de la perle : 9,5mm