Simplicity and elegance! This pendant necklace with its circled baroque Tahitian pearl has quickly become one of our flagship products. Its refined, simple, and effective design is suitable for everyday use. This necklace will harmoniously adjust to any neck shape, thanks to the option to choose the size that fits your neck. It is adorned with a teardrop-shaped circled Tahiti pearl, carefully mounted on a jewelry-quality thread.

You have the opportunity to select the shade and size of the pearl that will adorn your necklace. We will assemble and adjust it according to your wishes in our St Barths workshop. All our Tahitian pearl necklaces are handcrafted and customizable according to your preferences.

Discover the unique charm of this pendant necklace, combining the natural beauty of the Tahiti pearl with a carefully crafted artisanal design, for a piece of jewelry that will complete your style with distinction and elegance.

Catégorie de la perle : C (qualité) – CR (Cerclée)
Taille de la perle : 9mm à 16mm de diamètre
Prix : 40€ – 575€